Powerfully immersing viewers in the action, DEFY Productions takes film to a new degree.

Directed by international film award winner Brad Day, DEFY creates new dimensions to films through delivering superior planning, detailed mechanical and motor knowledge, equipment modifications to create innovative footage, high attention to detail, expert pre and post-production and the extreme desire to display unforgettable visual screen work. DEFY pushes the boundaries using exclusive techniques to capture uniquely risky and captivating footage, utilising only elite camera and drone technology and equipment including the latest Red 8k resolution cameras and high performance tracking car.


This imaginative team will deliver their passion to DEFY the limits challenging what is considered possible.  



Thorough collaboration developing the ultimate vision to bring to the screen. Storyboard development, script writing, securing unimaginable locations and talent


Expert post-production creations: editing, visual effects, colour grading, custom music and sound design. Overnight editing for swift delivery or detailed post-production


Top directing skills communicating 

effectively to the film crew and talent to construct the precise vision


Travelling anywhere in the world in pursuit of the ultimate shots - thanks to utilising the highest quality, versatile and portable technology


Leading camera and drone

technology, specialist 

lighting knowledge, skills and equipment and high-performance tracking car to produce the ultimate shots


Licensed for commercial drone operations and utilising the latest drone technology capturing

unforgettable aerial shots



Sydney | Brisbane | Adelaide



Tel: (+61) 407 861 741

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